sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

New Social Contract

          The weaknesses of our current social model exposed by the current economic crisis, pose a serious reflection on the functions of the state as a guarantor of social stability and balance, to allow the peaceful coexistence of various classes, rich and poor remedied.
         The objective of a more just and caring can not pass by the fallacy that involves the utopia of egalitarianism. Everyone is born equal, but we are all born different, with different motivations and cravings. Trying to impose a single standard is like trying to impose on the rainbow one just color.
         A more just and caring society should try to soften and blur the differences between those who have everything and those who have nothing in the logic of equal opportunities in access to a life of better quality, but do not promote laziness, ignorance and incompetence.
         A more just and caring society should focus on creating a large middle class, capable of generating wealth to help the weak to have a better life than they would be designed while maintaining the focus on work, effort and expertise as a guarantee of rights and not just the simple fact that one exists, or is being possessed of an identity.
          It is undeniable that the current social model is exhausted, unable to meet the needs of day-to-day, it is unfair and ineffective, serving those who should not serve, excluding those who ought to include.
          The construction of any viable social model requires acceptance by all parties, or at least a significant majority is so-called social contract.
          In preparing the new social contract is needed to determine what the boundaries of public assistance in their various fields of activity, ie what is the limit that whoever is willing to pay for those who do not pay to have something.
          It is critical to define the limits of assistant functions  of the state, and how much will cost, who will pay and the like will pay and what the mechanism for monitoring to be carried out with rigor and penalties on those who do not fulfill their obligation to be as payer, whether as beneficiary.
          This border is to be measured taking into account the available resources and be adjustable to produce a rich period of time.
          Promising to infinity when resources are finite only with the ambition to come to power, is to promise what is not will be able to comply, with the discredit and undermine the already fragile foundations of democracy, opening the door to new forms of totalitarianism.