terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

A Country Hostage

     We live today one of the most complex crises in recent history of mankind, in which values ​​previously considered innate and unshakable are jeopardized in the name of economic commitments that derive sovereignty to the nations.
     There is broad consensus on human rights and main freedoms and guarantees of citizens. It is this sense of freedom and legitimate aspiration to a life of dignity that is called into question by the current international policies. We want the freedom to choose our destiny forgetting that a country can aspire to being truly free is to guarantee a set of basic needs among which stands basic sustenance.
     A country that depends on foreign financial assistance is not an independent country. A people of a country whose financial aid depends on the investors' assessment is an enslaved people. An enslaved people have no rights.
     To recover our sovereignty we must break the shackles that we cling to a foreign debt that continues to grow. The owners of money forces us more austerity to lend us more money so we can meet our basic needs, but the austerity sinks our economy forcing us to have to pay more to receive something, handing national strategic sectors international investors, giving them also our goods and our work product diluted in taxes that add up to tax everything that can be a source of tax revenue.
     This is the path taken by the current Prime Minister of Portugal which is hostage to its own policy, which is no more than kneel before the markets, placing in position of 10 million hostage Portuguese who depend on the goodwill of markets not to starve to death.
     Unfortunately, in the situation that we find ourselves at present and the immediate alternative to the policy of Pedro Passos Coelho threatens to be the "Day of not receiving", ie the day when there will not be a penny to pay salaries or pensions any other social benefit. Moreover, analyzing the results of the current policy, its continuation becomes inevitable in the medium term this fate.
     It is therefore fundamental rethink the strategy governing the short / medium term, so that we can regain self-sufficiency that allows us not needing others to ensure that our people can see at least guaranteed with minimally acceptable principal tools for particularly in terms of food, energy, clothing, health and housing, a bit like Sérgio Godinho said "There is only freedom seriously when there is peace, bread, housing, health, education."
    To achieve the reverse direction and escape from the abyss is mandatory first cut out of Lisbon Court and dive fearlessly in "deep Portugal", one that is not manifest in blogs, but will not contribute to the demonstrations with their vote for choice government. Knowing your feel, their motivations, their desires and aspirations, but also its limitations is essential to build a project settled in practice, the experience of day-to-defers, in "being Portuguese."
     Do not just read the booklet written by others and adapt their content to a continent where it has no place. There have new horizons, realize new reality resulting from globalization, be endowed with the ability to see beyond, to be able to aspire to go where others have not, realizing that the board plays where the world economy is no longer the same as it was some time ago.
     To build a new path is not enough rhetorical exercises or acts of faith which simply change the color of power or the power players. It is essential to the sensibility, to wit, lucidity, the exhaustive knowledge of reality to urgently draw up a workable strategy that will save us from the abyss and return us freedom and hope.
     Insist on a playbook wrong just changing the layout of paragraphs is lost time. Claiming our identity, focusing on self-sufficiency, build new bridges with countries to whom we can be helpful, seem to me to be essential components for power mandar silence the money lords, give a lesson to Europe and the world, sowing the seeds freedom, tolerance, respect, peace, bread, health, housing, education and standard of peaceful coexistence among peoples.
     We have the means to be able to have the courage to tell you the money, "thank you, but do not want to go there!"