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Mediterranean identity, a factor to enhance

   The peoples of southern Europe, where it has to include France, much as she wants to escape to his fate and identity, have a cultural, biological, social and cultural heritaget that should unite them, rather than put them away.   Our civilization has grown and developed in the Mediterranean basin, first in the Middle East, where the first civilizations were born, then in Egypt, to achieve its great explosion in the Greek civilization, which has brought important contributions both within the Arts, whether the level of Science, examples of which are Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Politics and brought us the Democracy.
   The Roman empire, who succeeded him, brought a model of administration, a language, a pattern that definitively marked the people who lived within its domain.    The barbarian invasions from the center of Europe only brought the darkness in the Middle Age.   It was the audacity and innovative spirit that led to the Portuguese that they put in small boats to discover new worlds outside Europe, scene of successive wars, saturated by a feudal warmongering that enslaved the people, that made our country discover his  vocation,  which is making more sense in this poor and humiliated forgotten corner of Europe .
    Also our neighbor Spain, had an equally large role in this discovery of new worlds, being responsible for the discovery of America and the iberization of Central America, much of South America and an increasing portion of the United States of America.   We can proudly say that Iberian people opened new horizons, expanding the known world, exporting our culture, language and values ​​for various continents, giving rise to new countries, making the first real globalization.
    The French Revolution brought the people to power,  projecting in an unique wayt he ideals of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, well loved by of the world Left and that the Right never had the courage to openly oppose, although it does so in a covert way.
     And Germany? The German arrogance brought to the world two bloody conflicts that ever left them humiliated and destroyed, a lesson they should never forget.    It was precisely the devastating effect of World War II that led to the creation of a European community, in way to could serve as a buffer to any expansionist and bellicose desire capable to bring back the pain of the war once more to this continent.   Today the European Union is divided into PIIGS not PIIGS. I think it is time for PIIGS raise his head, honor their past and make a fist on the table - and if I need a kick - in a Europe that rejects them,  to unite around a common plan which made valid again the European project .
   It is my conviction that if Latin countries of southern Europe ( PIIGS +France) ara acapable of organize collectively and acting together, can act as a new cultural, economic and military capacity  giant, to assert itself independently in a globalized world, with ability to survive of an utopian Europe, germanocentric and increasingly nationalist, sinking day by day.

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