domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Staying at € at any cost?

Greece will vote today. Greece will choose whether to continue with the foreign interference that forces an austerity atrocious that blindly crushing the middle class, which is the Greek people as pigs (PIGS), establishing a recessive spiral for which there is no light at the end of the tunnel or if  want to go its way, running the risks of doing so.
In both the scales, the options are bad.
Did the Greeks will choose to die from the cure, or walk to a "suicide redeemer"?
Will they wait to be slaughtered by the markets slowly until they are stripped of all their property, or will they give a new lesson to the world and show that with the despair anyone did not play?
Will they wait until  can no longer be bound outside the €, or will they anticipate this design?
 I think that for the average citizen will not be very useful mantain the€ if you are not any euros in his wallet.
Only is justified to stay in a society or association if this remains  advantageous. For too bad that the future is out of the €, in the € future it does not seem bright.
It may be that this time is not yet the Greeks tear the agreement with the Troika, but should not be long for this to happen.
Treat an entire people as corrupt and lazy forcing him to live in poverty does not seem a good calling card for Europe of the XXI century.
The History of Portugal and the rest of Europe was made without the €. The single currency could and should be an asset for the construction of a European identity. A single currency without a tax harmonization, social, wages, rights and duties is to build the house by the roof: a storm across the Atlantic is to throw everything away.

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